Ancestry of Laura Lane Welch

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Laura Welch Bush should not be considered either exhaustive or definitive, but rather as a first draft.

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William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Laura Welch Bush
1 Laura Lane Welch, b. Midland, Midland Co., Tex., 4 Nov. 1946 [TX birth index]
m. Glass Memorial Chapel, First United Memorial Church, Midland, Texas, 5 Nov. 1977
George Walker Bush, b. New Haven, Conn., 6 July 1946, U.S. President from 2001, son of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce. Further details of his ancestry can be found here.
2 Harold Bruce Welch, b. Ada, Pontotoc Co., Ok., 21 Nov 1912, in 1920 ae. 7 living with parents in Tarrant Co., Tex., in 1930 ae. 17 living with parents in Lubbock Co., Tex., d. Midland Co., Tex., 29 Apr 1995 [TX death index] (from SSDI, Harold Welch was born 21 Nov 1912 and died 29 Apr 1995 perhaps in Midland, Midland Co., TX [#454-01-1500, issued in TX])
m. El Paso, El Paso Co., Tex, 29 Jan 1944
3 Jenna Louise Hawkins, b. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark., 24 Jul 1919, in 1920 ae. 6 mo. living with parents and grandmother in Little Rock, Ark., in 1930 ae. 10 living with parents in El Paso Co., Tex., in 2000 living in Midland, Midland Co., TX
4 Mark Anthony Welch, b. ... , Tex., ca. 1873, builder in Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX, in 1880 ae. 6 living with parents in Fannin Co., Tex., in 1910 carpenter ae. 36 living in Pontotoc Co., Ok., in 1920 carpenter ae. 46 living in Tarrant Co., Tex. in 1930 building contractor ae. 57 living in Lubbock Co., Tex.
m. ca. 1909
5 Marie Lula (or Lula Marie) Lane, b. ... , Ark., Dec 1873, in 1880 ae. 7 living with parents in Conway Co., Ark., in 1900 ae. 26 living with parents in Cleburn Co., Ark., in 1910 ae. 37 living with husband in Pontotoc Co., Ok., in 1920 ae. 47 living with husband in Tarrant Co., Tex. in 1930 ae. 57 living with husband in Lubbock Co., Tex.
6 Halsey Sinclair (or St. Clair) Hawkins, b. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark., 4 March 1894, d. Midland, Midland Co., Tex., 23 Aug 1982 [TX death index], in 1900 ae. 8 living with mother in Little Rock, Ark., in 1910 wagon driver ae. 16 living with mother in Little Rock, Ark., in 1920 mail carrier ae. 25 living with family and mother in Little Rock, Ark., moved from Little Rock, AR, to Taylor, Williamson Co., TX, after marriage, lived in Taylor until 1927, then El Paso, in 1930 tourist camp manager living with family in El Paso Co., TX, worked for the U.S. Postal Service, in U.S. Army in WWI, buried in Fort Bliss National Cemetery, Fort Bliss, El Paso Co., TX [Hal S. Hawkins, b. 03/04/1894, d. 08/23/1982, US Army, PVT, Res: Midland, TX, Plot: K 0 70, bur. 08/25/1982]
m. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark., 29 April 1918
7 Jessie Laura Sherrard, b. Robinson (now Waco), McLennan Co., Tex, 17 Mar 1898, d. El Paso Co., Tex., 17 Feb 1981 [TX death index], in 1900 ae. 2 living with parents in Pulaski Co., Ark., in 1920 ae. 21 living with husband and mother-in-law in Little Rock, Ark. in 1930 ae. 32 living with husband in El Paso Co., Tex., (from SSDI, Jessie Hawkins was born 17 Mar 1898 and died Feb 1981 perhaps in Anthony, Dona Ana Co, NM [#451-82-0112, issued in TX]), buried in Fort Bliss National Cemetery [Jessie L. Hawkins, b. 03/17/1898, d. 02/17/1981, US Army, SGT, Res: Anthony, TX, Plot: K 0 70, bur. 02/20/1981]
8 Dr. William Franklin Welch, M.D., b. ... , Ala., ca. 1827/8, in 1880 physician ae. 52 living in Fannin Co., Tex., d. ca. 1885, bur. in Porter's Chapel Cemetery, Fannin Co., Tex. [Aldridge 76]
m. Fannin Co., Tex., 28 Sep 1860
9 Nancy Jane Aldridge, b. ... , Tenn., ... 1842, in 1850 ae. 8 living with parents in Marshall Co., Tenn., in 1860 ae. 18 living with parents in Fannin Co., Tex., in 1880 ae. 36 living with husband in Fannin Co., Tex., d. ... 1883, bur. in Porter's Chapel Cemetery, Fannin Co., Tex.
10 Doctor C. Lane, b. ... , Tenn., Feb 1830, in 1870 farmer ae. 40 living in Franklin Co., Ill., in 1880 farmer ae. 50 living in Conway Co., Ark., purchased 160 acres in Conway Co., AR, 30 Jun 1882, in 1900 farmer ae. 70 living in Cleburn Co., Ark., in 1910 ae. 80 widower living with son-in-law in Pontotoc Co., Ok.
m. ca. 1852/55
11 Emily J. ----, b. ... , Tenn., Jan 1836, in 1870 ae. 30 living with husband in Franklin Co., Ill., in 1880 ae. 46 living with husband in Conway Co., Ark., in 1900 ae. 64 living with husband in Cleburn Co., Ark., d. by 1910
12 Charles Wesley Hawkins, b. Crawford Co., Ind., 13 Apr. 1854, d. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark., 16 Aug. 1897, ran a grocery store in Little Rock [see Little Rock City Directories]
m. Meade Co., Ky., 13 Oct. 1887
13 Martha Jennie Allen, b. Meade Co., Ky., 8 Aug 1858, in 1900 merchant ae. 41 widow living in Little Rock, Ark., m2. after 1900 (later divorced before 1910) ---- Green, in 1910 merchant ae. 50 divorcee living in Little Rock, Ark., in 1920 ae. 61 divorcee living in Little Rock, Ark., d. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark., 26 Apr. 1928
14 Joseph Allen Sherrard, b. Madison Co., Miss., 7 Apr 1862, in 1870 ae. 8 living with parents in Madison Co., Miss., in 1900 ae. 38 living in Pulaski Co., Ark., d. Pulaski Co., Ark., 30 Aug. 1910
m. Pulaski Co., Ark., 26 Feb. 1888
15 Eva Louise Lamaire/Lemaire, b. New York, N. Y., 13 March 1870, in 1870 ae. 3 months living with baker Victor Pierrou in New York, N.Y., in 1900 ae. 30 living with husband in Pulaski Co., Ark., in 1920 ae. 49 widow living with children Pulaski Co., Ark., converted farm to dairy and ran it until she was 70, in 1930 ae. 60 dairy farmer living with dau. in Pulaski Co., Ark., d. Pulaski Co., Ark., 1 Jan. 1959
16 Samuel Welch, apparently b. in North Carolina
m. Stokes Co., NC, 6 Nov. 1818
17 Elizabeth Covington, apparently b. in North Carolina
18 James T ... Aldridge, b. ... (maybe Randolph Co.), N. C., 1 Sep 1813, in 1850 farmer ae. 36 living in Marshall Co., Tenn., in 1860 blacksmith ae. 47 living in Fannin Co., Tex., in 1870 farmer ae. 56 living in Fannin Co., Tex., in 1880 farmer ae. 66 living in Fannin Co., Tex., d. Fannin Co., Tex., 8 May 1884, bur. in Porter's Chapel Cemetery, Fannin Co., Tex. [Aldridge 76: "James T. [Aldridge] was born in North Carolina. He probably came to Tennessee with his father, settling, after his marriage to Mary, in Marshall County. He was a blacksmith."]
19 Mary Chadwell, b. ... (maybe Rockingham Co.), N. C., 29 Jul 1815, in 1850 ae. 38 living with husband in Marshall Co., Tenn., in 1860 ae. 45 living with husband in Fannin Co., Tex., in 1870 ae. 54 living with husband in Fannin Co., Tex., in 1880 ae. 64 living with husband in Fannin Co., Tex., d. ... (probably in Fannin Co., Tex.), 17 June 1888, bur. in Porter's Chapel Cemetery, Fannin Co., Tex. [Aldridge 76: "Mary Chadwell was born 29th July 1815 in North Carolina, daughter of David and Jensey (Johnson) Chadwell. They also went to live in Fannin County, Texas, in 1857." Note that Mary was not included among the (admittedly incomplete) list of David and Jane (Johnson) Chadwell's children in Baker Graffenried, or in Boddie, which follows the previous.]
20 ---- Lane, apparently b. in Tennessee
21 ---- , apparently b. in Tennessee or Virginia
22 ---- , apparently b. in Virginia
23 ---- , apparently b. in Virginia
24 ---- Hawkins, apparently b. in Virginia
25 ---- , apparently b. in Ohio
26 William Benjamin Allen, b. ... , Ky., 5 Feb 1819, d. Meade Co., Ky., 31 Jan. 1902
m. Meade Co., Ky., 30 Dec. 1841
27 Barbara Ann Chisolm, b. ... , Ky., 3 March 1823, d. Meade Co., Ky., 13 Feb. 1902
28 William Fowler Sherrard, b. ... , Miss., ca. 1827/28, in 1870 farmer ae. 42 living in Madison Co., Miss., d. Robinson Co., Tex., ... [after 1875]
m. Madison Co., Miss., 13 Dec 1849
29 Martha Jane Allen, b. ... , Miss., ca. 1831/32, in 1870 ae. 38 living with husband in Madison Co., Miss., d. Robinson Co., Tex., ... [after 1875]
30 Louis Lamaire/Lemaire, b. ... France, ca. 1839/40, in 1870 machinist ae. 30 living in New York, N.Y.
m. ca. 1860
31 Mary L. ----, b. ... , France, Nov 1841, 7 children (5 of whom survived), immigrated 1864, in 1870 ae. 28 living with husband in New York, N.Y., in 1900 ae. 58 living in Pulaski Co., Ark.
36 Aaron Aldridge, d. Maury Co., Tenn., bef. 15 Apr 1821 [Aldridge 72: "Aaron Aldridge was perhaps born in Guilford or Orange County, about 1775, and son of William and Elizabeth Aldridge, who died in Randolph County 1789 and 1793 respectively. He is mentioned as the twelfth child of fourteen in his father's will. Aaron is found in the land deeds of Randolph and several in Chatham County where he was living in 1800. The exact year he moved to Tennessee is not known, but he was in Maury County in 1820. He died there soon after this date and William, his son, was the administrator of his estate. Inventory of the estate of Aron Aldridge, deceased, 15th April 1821, by William Aldridge. (Wills & Settlements Bk. C 1 P944 & Will Bk. B pp. 44, 268, 274, 426). List of legatees: widow, William Aldridge, John Fleming, Eli Amick, Samuel, John, Sarah, James, Betsey and Nancy Aldridge."]
37 Nancy ----, apparently b. in North Carolina
38 David Chadwell, b. Rockingham Co., N.C., 22 (23 according to Boddie 19) Dec. 1790, d. Fanning Co., Tex., 3 Jan. 1872, bur. Porter's Cemetery, Fannin Co., Tex [Baker Graffenried 234; Boddie 19: "David Chadwell, son of Mary Allin Garland and John Chadwell, was born Dec. 23, 1790 in Rockingham County, North Carolina, and died Jan. 3, 1872, in Fannin County, Texas. In Rockingham County he married Jane (Jincy) Johnson, who was born there Sept. 13, 1795, and died in Fannin County, Texas, Oct. 31, 1885. She was the daughter of Mary Baker deGraffinried and Gideon Johnson. In Fannin County, Texas, May 10, 1855, David Chadwell 'makes application for Bounty Land due him under the Act of March 18, 1855. He is aged 64 and a resident of Fannin Co., Texas, and that he was a private in the company commanded by Capt. Thomas Miller, in the Regiment of Tenn. Volunteers, commanded by Col. H. Yocum, who was under the command of General Gains on the frontier of Texas in the year 1836. That he volunteered in Marshall County, Tenn., on about July 18, 1836, and continued in service until he was discharged. That he made application for Bounty Land due him under the Act of Sept. 28, 1850, and received a grant and that he has disposed of same."]
m. Rockingham Co., ... [ca. 1812]
39 Jane or Jincey Johnson, b. Rockingham Co., NC, 13 Sept. 1795 [1793 according to Boddie, p. 11], d. Trenton, Fanning Co., Tex., 31 Oct. 1885, bur. Porter's Cemetery, Fannin Co., Tex [Baker Graffenried 234]
54 John Chisolm, b. ca. 1795 (ae 55 1850 census), d. Meade Co., Ky., ca. 1868 (liv. 1860 Census)
m. Harrison Co., Ind., 29 May 1816
55 Margaret Tibbs, b. Nelson Co., Ky., 26 March 1791 (ae 53 in 1850), d. Meade Co., Ky., ... (after 1870)
56 Benjamin Sherrard, b. Pulaski Co., Ga., ca. 1805, d. Holms Co., Miss., 1835
m. Lawrence Co., Miss., 30 June 1825
57 Rachel Fowler Alford, b. Pulaski Co., Ga., 5 Dec., 1805, d. Titus Co., Tex., 16 Nov. 1886 [remarried Madison Co., Miss., 18 Nov. 1844, Peyton L. Clower]
72 William Aldridge, b. 1728, d. Randolph Co., N.C., 15 May 1788
73 Elizabeth ----, d. Randolph Co., N.C., 24 Oct. 1793
76 John Chadwell, b. Va., ca. 1760, d. Rockingham Co., NC, 12 Jan. 1794
m. ca. 1780
77 Mary Allen, d. Williamson Co., Tenn., 15 Oct. 1821 [Boddie 18: "Mary Allin, daughter of Ann (Nancy) Arnold and Valentine Allin, who first married a Mr. Garland and had son Thomas, died Oct. 15, 1821, in Williamson Co., Tenn. About 1780 she married John Chadwell of Virginia, who died in Rockingham County, Va. After this she married thirdly, James Peay"]
78 Gideon Johnson, b. Amelia Co., Va., 1 Nov. 1754, d. Davidson Co., Tenn., 1 Nov. 1843 [Baker Graffenried 76; Boddie 11: "Gideon Johnson, Jr., son of Ursula Allin and William {sic} Johnson, Sr., who was born Nov. 1, 1754, in Amelia County, Virginia and died Nov. 1, 1843, in Williamson Co., Tenn., married Nov. 18, 1779, Mary Baker, the daughter of Sarah (Bass) and Baker deGraffenreid of Lunenburg Co., Va., was born there Sept. 3, 1764, and died in Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan. 7, 1823. Gideon Johnson, Jr., received a pension for Revolutionary services. He was a private in the company of Capt. Armstrong of the Regiment commanded by Col. Martin in the N.C. Line for 15 months from 1776."]
m. Lunenburg Co., Va., 18 Nov. 1779
79 Mary Baker DeGraffenried, b. Lunenburg Co., Va., 3 Sept. 1764, d. Williamson Co., Tenn., 7 Jan. 1823 [Baker Graffenried 76]
110 Joseph Tibbs, b. Cecil Co., Md., 10 Jan. 1765, d. Meade Co., Ky., ... 1854
m. Nelson Co., Ky., 31 March 1788
111 Eve Wiseman, b. ca. 1770, d. Sangamon Co., Ill., between 1820 and 1830
112 John Sherrard, b. North Carolina between 1770 and 1790, d. Holms Co., Miss., April 1845 declared unable to manage his affairs by his children, declared a drunk and a lunatic by the Court
m. Holmes Co., Miss., ca. 1801
113 ---- , b. ... , d. ... [before 10 Dec. 1830 when he remarried Elanore Buckley in Lawrence Co., Miss.]
114 Fort Alford, b. ... , d. ...
115 Hannah Goodson, b. ... , d. ...
152 George Chadwell, b. ... [ca. 1736], d. ...
153 Gemima Turner, b. ... [ca. 1738], d. ...
154 Valentine Allen, b. St. James Parish, Henrico Co., Va., 13 March 1727 (according to "Valentine Allen Family" on pp. 146-147 of The Heritage of Rockingham County North Carolina [1983] as well as Boddie 18 he was born 29 Apr. 1730 in Goochland Co., Va.), d. Rockingham Co., N.C., 17 Sept. 1799 (1798 according to Boddie 18), bur. Henrico Co., Va. [Boddie 18: "Lt. Col. Valentine Allin, son of Mary (Hunt) and Capt. William Allin, was born March 28, 1730, in Goochland County, Va., and died Sept. 17, 1798, in Rockingham County, N.C. He married Feb. 25, 1753, Nancy (Anne) Arnold, the daughter of William Arnold. Valentine moved to Rockingham County, N.C., where he served as a Lieutenant Colonel, North Carolina Troops, Quartermaster, during the Revolution. (DAR, 235067-307388). He made his will August 18, 1797, recorded 1798. His legatees were children: Mary Peay wife Nancy. Also 'To daughter Mary Peay's children that she had by her former husband, John Chadwell, Decd '"]
m. Cumberland Co., Va., 26 Feb 1753
155 Nancy Anne Arnold, b. Goochland Co., Va., ca. 1733, d. Rockingham Co., N.C., ca. 1810, bur. Henrico Co., Va.
156 Gideon Johnson, b. New Kent Co., Va., 11 Oct. 1717, d. Rockingham Co., N.C., ca. 1807
m. Va., ca. 1747
157 Ursula Allen [Boddie 10: "Ursula Allin, daughter of William Allin and his first wife, Anne Owen, married Gideon Johnson, Sr., of Rockingham, N.C., who made his will Oct. 7, 1807, which was probated there at the November Court. He served as a private in Capt. John Williams Company, 2nd Battalion N.C. Troops."]
158 Baker DeGraffenried, b. 6 Aug. 1744, d. prob. Lunenburg Co., Va., 1776 [Baker Graffenried 1; Graffenried 155: "Baker deGraffenried, son of Tscharner and Mary Baker deGraffenried, was born on Sunday, August 6, 1744. Baker is not mentioned in his father's will and undoubtedly died before his father." Baker Graffenried 1-2: "Baker de Graffenried, eldest son of Tscharner and Mary Baker de Graffenried was born August 6, 1744 and married Sarah Vass who was born in 1744, daughter of Vincent Vass and his wife, Ann Rust (born October 4, 1726, daughter of Benjamin Rust, Will April 1, 1754, Richmond County, Virginia and his wife, Sarah Metcalf). Baker was not mentioned in his father's will. He had received his estate from his father, Tscharner on March 14, 1765 (Deed Book 10, page 108, Lunenburg County, Virginia). 14th March, 1765 between Tscharner de Graffenried of Lunenburg County, Virginia and Baker de Graffenried of Charlotte, witnesseth: Whereas Barbary de Graffenried, mother to said Tscharner of the County of Prince George died seized of and in possession of 60 acres of land in Prince George on the South side of Appomattox River, including her manner plantation of which she held in her own right a fee simple estate and by her last will and testament as the records of the said county of Prince George will at large appear, the said land became fully vested by the said will to the said Baker de Graffenried then in his infancy, and whereas the said Tscharner de Graffenried did immediately after the death of his mother enter upon and take into possession the said land and premises and thereupon did sell the same and appropriate the value thereof to his own use, in consideration thereof he, the said Tscharner doth grant, etc, to Baker de Graffenried land in Lunenburg and Charlotte lying on both sides of Swish Creek containing 1205 acres beginning at Sawpit branch.]
m. ca. 1762
159 Sarah Vass, b. Richmond Co., Va., 1744, d. Cumberland Co., Ky., 1807
220 James Tibbs
221 ----
222 John Wiseman, b. ... , Pa., ... 1744, private, Westmoreland Co., Pa., militia, d. Nelson Co., Ky., ca. 1802
m. ca. 1765
223 Rachel ----, b. ca 1745, d. Beechfork, Nelson Co., Ky., ca. 10 Jan. 1808
224 John R. Sherrard, b. Wayne Co., North Carolina, ca. 1744, d. Wayne Co., North Carolina, ca. 1793, in 1760 a cotton plantation owner with 21 slaves
225 ---- , b. ... , d. ...
308 Capt. William Allen [Boddie 16-17: "William Allin, of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent married secondly, Mary Hunt, born May 15, 1695, died March 8, 1763, daughter of William Hunt of Charles City County, and widow of Robert Minge. (S.V.F. 2-325). William Allin's will was dated August 1751, in Albemarle, probated November 7, 1751. He names wife MARY, sons: VALENTINE (W.B. A-33)".]
m. ca. 1721
309 Mary Hunt, b. Charles City Co., Va., 15 May 1695, d. Buckingham Co., Va., 8 March 1763
310 William Arnold
311 ----
312 Benjamin Johnson, b. New Kent Co., Va., 17 Aug. 1701, d. ... , Va., 1739
313 Margery Massey, b. Hanover Co., Va., ... 1705, d. ...
314 William Allen [Boddie 5: "William Allin was born ca 1714-1724 in Hanover County, Va., and died in 1785, the year in which his will was probated. His first wife was Ann Owen, daughter of Elizabeth (Brooks) and Thomas Owen."]
m. ca. 1725
315 Ann Owen
316 Tscharner DeGraffenried, b. Williamsburg, Prince Edward Co., Va., 28 Nov. 1722, d. Lunenburg Co., Va., 10 Apr. 1794 [Graffenried 152-153 : "Of Tsharner's birth, his father made the following entry in the family bible: 'In Williamsburg, Va., 48 minutes past 6 o'clock at night on ye 28th Nov. 1722 my wife was brought happily to bed of a son, God bless him. He was baptized by Commissary Blair ye 12th Dec. following on ye first Faire ever held in ye aforesaid city. His godfathers were ye Hon. Nathaniel Harrison, Hon. Cole Diggs, Hon. Philip Ludwell and Lady Harrison. His name Tscharner.' The family bible records his first marriage as follows: 'Tscharner deGraffenried and Mary Baker his wife were married by the Rev. Henry Selbeck on ye 5th day of July Anno Domino 1742.' Mary Baker was the daughter of Colonel Henry Baker of Chowan, North Carolina." Baker Graffenried i: "Tscharner de Graffenried, grandson of the Baron was born November 28, 1722 and died 1794 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He married four times first to Mary Baker. Baker, eldest son of Tscharner by his first wife, Mary Barker."]
m. Lunenburg Co., Va., 5 July 1742
317 Mary Baker, b. Chowan Co., N.C., ca. 1722, d. Lunenburg Co., Va., ca. 1756
318 Vincent Vass
319 Ann Rust, b. 4 Oct. 1726
444 Abraham Wiseman, b. Roxberry Township, Philadelphia Co., Pa, ... 1710, d. Frederick Co., Va. ... 1755
445 Susannah ----
448 John Sherrard, b. Wayne Co., North Carolina, ca. 1715, will dated Sherrard Manor, Wayne Co., NC, 1780, proved Wayne Co., NC, Jan. 1795
449 ---- , b. ... , d. ...
616 William Allen, b. York Co., Va., ca. 1673, d. York Co., Va., 15 June 1713
m. ca. 1690
617 Ann Hudson, b. ... , d. ...
618 William Hunt
619 Tabitha ----
628 Robert Allen [Boddie 4: "Robert Allin died intestate before Oct. 4, 1756, when Sarah Allin, his widow, was granted administration upon his estate"]
629 Sarah ----
630 Thomas Owen
631 Elizabeth Brooks
632 Christopher DeGraffenried, b. Bern, Switzerland, 1691, d. Amelia Co., Va., 27 Oct. 1742 [Graffenried 149-151: "Christopher deGraffenried was, therefore, the first of the deGraffenrieds to settle permanently in America. On February 22, 1714, at Charleston, South Carolina, he married Barbara Tempest (nee Needham), daughter of the distinguished Sir Arthur Needham of Wymondsley, Hertfordshire, England. She was born 1688, her mother's maiden name being Wingate. In the family Bible Christopher made the following entry of his marriage: 'We were married in Charleston, S.C., in America, Feb. 22, 1714. God bless us and our issue. We moved first to Phila. to Maryland and lastly to Va.' The Virginia Magazine quotes the following from the files of the Virginia Gazette for February 18th to 25th, in the year 1736: 'This is to give notice to all gentlemen and ladies that Mrs. Barbara deGraffenried intends to have a ball on Tuesday, the 26th of next April, and an assembly on the 27th, in Williamsburg .' It is recorded in the family Bible that Christopher died at his plantation on the James River, Virginia, 'on Sunday at sunrising, October 27th, 1742' and that 'Barbara his wife departed this life the 26th day of June, 1744.'"]
m. Charleston, S.C., 22 Feb. 1714
633 Mrs Barbara Needham Tempest, d. Amelia Co., Va., 26 Jun 1744
634 Henry Baker, b. ca. 1684, d. Chowan Co., N.C., Apr. 1738, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses
635 ----
636 John Vass, b. King and Queen Co., Va., ca. 1693, d. Middlesex Co., Va., 1755
m. Rappahannock Co., Va., 25 March 1713
637 Rachel Pendleton, b. Tidewater, King and Queen Co., Va., 1693, d. Middlesex Co., Va., 1755
638 Benjamin Rust, will dated April 1, 1754, Richmond County, Virginia
639 Sarah Metcalfe
888 Thomas Wiseman, b. Norfolk, England, 1672, d. Lancaster Co., Pa., 14 July 1716
889 Elizabeth Quadling, b. ... , d. ...
1232 William Allen, b. Glasgow, Scotland, bef. 18 Jan. 1628/9, d. York Co., Va., ca. 1677
m. bef. 1671
1233 Judith ----, b. ca. 1630, d. ...
1264 - 1265 The ancestry of Christopher DeGraffenried, colonial immigrant to Virginia and son of the Landgrave of North Carolina, does not appear to have been studied in any detail. A thorough search has been attempted, and the results of this search are available here.
1266 - 1267 Barbara Needham is almost always said to have been a daughter of Sir Arthur Needham of Wymondsley, Hertfordshire, England, by his wife ---- Wingate. No such persons are found in the pedigrees of the Needhams of Wymondsley.
1272 Vincent Vass, b. Lancashire Co., Va., ca. 1660, d. South Farnum Parish, Essex Co., Va., 19 Sept. 1727
m. 1688
1273 Ann Sharpe, b. Va., 1665, d. Essex Co., Va., Feb. 1709
1274 Philip Pendleton, bapt. St. Peter's Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England, 26 Mar 1654, d. King and Queen Co., Va., 9 Nov 1721
m. 1682
1275 Isabella Hunt, b. ... , d. ...
1276 Samuel Rust, b. ... , d. ...
1277 Martha ----, b. ... , d. ...
1278 Richard Metcalfe, b. ... , d. ...
1279 Ann Stone, b. ... , d. ...


  1930   Lubbock City, Lubbock Co., TX, e.d. 8 sheet 18A
  Welch, Mark A     Head  M W 57 M 35  TX  NY  TX     Contractor   Building
  ____, Mary        Wife  F W 57 M 35  AR  TN  TN
  ____, Mark        Son   M W 19 S     OK  TX  AR
  ____, Harold B    Son   M W 17 S     OK  TX  AR

  1930   Precinct 6, El Paso Co., TX, e.d. 86 sheet 4A
  Hawkins, Hal S   Head  M W 36 M 25  AR  AR  AR     Manager   Tourist Camp
  ____, Jessie S   Wife  F W 32 M 21  TX  TX  TX
  ____, Jenna S    Dau   F W 10 S     AR  AR  TX
  ____, Mary K     Sis   F W 32 S     AR  AR  AR     Teacher   Public School

  1930   Fourche Twp, Pulaski Co., AK, e.d. 55 sheet 5A
  Shirard, Eva   Head  F W 60 Wd 18  NY  France  France    Dairying    Milk
  ____, Joe      Dau   F W 34 S      AR  MS      NY
  1920   Polytechnic City, Tarrant Co., TX, e.d. 9 sheets 6A-6B
  Welch, Mark         Head M W 46 M  TX   NY   TX   Carpenter
  ____, Lula          Wife F W 47 M  AR   TN   TN
  ____, Mark          Son  M W 8 S   OK   TX   AR
  ____, Harold        Son  M W 7 S   OK   TX   AR
  1920   Big Rock Twp., Little Rock City, Pulaski Co., AR, e.d. 131 sheet 9B
  Green, Jennie       Head  F W 61   D  KY   KY   KY
  Hawkins, Hal S.     Son   M W 25   M  AR   IN   KY   Mail Carrier
  ____, Jessie        D-I-L F W 21   M  TX   TX   AR
  ____, Louise        G-D   F W 6/12 S  AR   AR   TX
  ____, Charles       Son   M W 27   S  AR   IN   KY   Farmer[?], U.S. Navy
  ____, Gertrude      Dau.  F W 22   S  AR   IN   KY   Stenographer, Ins. Co.
  ____, Catherine     Dau.  F W 20   S  AR   IN   KY
  1920   Faurche Twp., Pulaski Co., AR, e.d. 158 sheet 6A
  Sherrard, Mrs. Eva L.  Head F W 49 Wd.   NY   France    France    Dairy
  ____, Joe              Dau. F W 24 S     AR   MS        NY
  ____, Ethel            Dau. F W 18 S     AR   MS        NY
  ____, Annie            Dau. F W 15 S     AR   MS        NY
  ____, Mary             Dau. F W 13 S     AR   MS        NY
  ____, Effie            Dau. F W 9  S     AR   MS        NY
  1910   Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR, e.d. 120 sheets 2A-2B
  Green, Jennie A.     Head F W 50 D  7  5   KY   KY   KY   Merchant   Groceries
  Hawkins, Bertha A.   Dau. F W 20 S         AR   IN   KY
  ____, Charles T.     Son  M W 18           AR   IN   KY   salesman, grocery store
  ____, Hal St. C.     Son  M W 16           AR   IN   KY   wagon driver, groc. store
  ____, Gertrude I.    Dau. F W 14           AR   IN   KY
  ____, Katherine M.   Dau. F W 12           AR   IN   KY
  1 boarder
  1910   Ada Twp., Pontotoc Co., OK, e.d. 247 sheets 11A-11B
  Welch, M. L.    Head     M W 36 M1 1    TX   TX   TX   Carpenter
  ____, Lula      Wife     F W 37 M1 1    AR   TN   MO
  Lane, D. C.     Father   M W 80 M1 58   TN   TN   TN
  1900   Clayton Twp., Cleburne Co., AR, e.d. 14 sheet 6B
  Lane, D. C.         Head W M  Feb 1830 70 M 45        TN   TN   VA     farmer
  ____, Emily J.      Wife W F  Jan 1836 64 M 45  7  3  TN   VA   VA
  ____, Marie L.      Dau. W F  Dec 1873 26 S           AR   TN   TN
  1900   Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR, e.d. 81 sheet 8A
  Hawkins, Jennie A.  Head W F  Aug  1858 41 Wd.  5  5    KY   KY   KY    merchant
  ____, Bertha        Dau. W F  Sept 1888 11 S            AR   IN   KY
  ____, Charles       Son  W M  Apr  1891 9  S            AR   IN   KY
  ____, Halsey        Son  W M  Mar  1892 8  S            AR   IN   KY
  ____, Gertrude      Dau. W F  Mar  1896 4  S            AR   IN   KY
  ____, Mary C.       Dau. W F  Mar  1898 2  S            AR   IN   KY
  1 boarder, 1 servant
  1900   Brodie Twp., Pulaski Co., AR, e.d. 94 sheet 11B
  Lamyre, Mary L.     Head W F  Nov 1841 58 M 40  7  5   France    France    France  1864  36
  ____, Sarah         Dau. W F  Dec 1877 22 S            NY        France    France
  ____, Ida M.        Dau. W F  Dec 1874 25 S            NY        France    France
  1900   Brodie Twp., Pulaski Co., AR, e.d. 94 sheet 12A
  Sherrard, Joseph A. Head W M  Apr  1862 38 M 12        MS   MS        MS
  ____, Eva E.        Wife W F  Mar  1870 30 M 12  4  4  NY   France    France
  ____, Lillian       Dau. W F  May  1891 9  S           TX   MS        NY
  ____, Ida           Dau. W F  May  1893 7  S           AR   MS        NY
  ____, Joseph        Dau. W F  June 1895 5  S           AR   MS        NY
  ____, Larah         Dau. W F  Mar  1898 2  S           TX   MS        NY
  1880   Precinct #3, Fannin Co., TX, e.d. 25 sheet 2 [p. 376B] 
  Welch, W. T.     W M  52            Physician   AL   NC   NC 
  ____,  N. J.     W F  36    Wife                TX   NC   TN 
  ____,  W. W.     W M  18    Son                 TX   AL   TX 
  ____,  J. B.     W M  10    Son                 TX   AL   TX 
  ____,  M. A.     W M   6    Son                 TX   AL   TX 
  ____,  Celia     W F  29    Servant             TX   MO   MO 
  1880   Lick Mountain, Conway Co., AR, e.d. 41 sheet 21 [p. 351A]
  Lane, Doctor C.     W M 50          Farmer         TN   TN   TN
  ____, Emily J.      W F 46   Wife                  VA   VA   VA
  ____, Edward        W M 16   Son                   IL   TN   VA
  ____, Effie         W F 11   Dau.                  IL   TN   VA
  ____, Lulu          W F 7    Dau.                  AR   TN   VA
  ____, Florence      W F 1    Dau.                  AR   TN   VA
  1880   Precinct #3, Fannin Co., TX, e.d. 25 sheet 9 [p. 380A] 
  Aldridge, Jas.      W M  66            Farmer         NC   NC   NC 
  ____, Mary          W F  64    Wife                   NC   NC   NC 

  1870   Precinct #2, Fannin Co., TX, p. 198A 
  Aldridge, James     56  M  W    Farmer         4000 600     NC 
  ____, Mary          54  F  W                                 " 
  ____, Aaron B.      20  M  W    Teamster                    TN 
  ____, Mary E.       12  F  W                                TX 
  ____, James         30  M  W    Teamster            800     TN 
  ____, Parthena      26  F  W                                 " 
  ____, Joseph J.      3  M  W                                TX 
  ____, [Caviny?]      1  M  W                                 " 

  1870   Twp. 58 Range 3 East, Ewing P.O., Franklin Co., IL, p. 193A
  Lane, D. C.    40 M W      Farmer    1500 400  TN
  ____, Emily J. 30 F W                          TN
  ____, Edward   6  M W                          IL
  ____, Emily    3  F W                          IL
  Boling, Samuel 16 M W                          MO
  ____, D. R.    14 M W                          MO
  1870   Police Dist. #5, Camden P.O., Madison Co., MS, p. 215B  [12 Aug 1870]
  Sherrard, William   42   M W      Farmer    1029 942  MS
  ____, Martha        38   F W                          MS
  ____, Benjamin      19   M W                          MS
  ____, William       17   M W                          MS
  ____, Emaline       15   F W                          MS
  ____, John          13   M W                          MS
  ____, Ada           10   F W                          MS
  ____, Joseph        8    M W                          MS
  ____, Ellen         2/12 F W                          MS
  9 boarders
  1870   5th Election Dist., 8th Ward, NYC, New York Co., NY, p. 108b  [14 Nov 1870]
  Lemaire, Eva        3/12 F W                        NY        Feb
  Pierrou, Victor     44   M W    Baker               France
  ____, Josephine     33   F W                   300  France
  ____, Henry         6/12 M W                        NY        Nov
  Guifford, Derire    58   M W                        France
  ____, Rosa          57   F W                        France
  {perhaps Josephine Pierrou was acting as a wet nurse, having had a son a few months before Eva's birth}
  1870   5th Election Dist., 8th Ward, NYC, New York Co., NY, pp. 109A-109B
  Lemaire, Louis 30 M W    Machinist 150  France
  ____, Mary     28 F W                   France
  ____, Julius   7  M W                   France
  ____, Emil     3  F W                   NY

  1860   Beat #3, Fannin Co., TX, p. 213B 
  J. Aldridge    47  M    Blacksmith     3500 1000    NC 
  M. Aldridge    45  F                                 " 
  Saml           23  M                                TN 
  James          21  M                                 " 
  Nancy J.       18  F                                 " 
  Madora         13  F                                 " 
  Aaron B.       10  M                                 " 
  James F.        6  M                                 " 
  Elizabeth       2  F                                TX 
  1850   District #11, Marshall Co., TN, p. 111 [56A]  (27 Sep 1850) 
  Jas. Aldridge  36   M   [Far]                    NC 
  Mary           38   F                             " 
  Verginia       15   F                            TN 
  Saml           13   M                             " 
  Jas            11   M                             " 
  Nancy           8   F                             " 
  Madora          5   F                             " 
  Aaron          2/12 M                             " 


1 -- Some of her ancestry can be traced at

8 -- Ancestry extracted from

28 -- Ancestry extracted from

72 and 73 -- Their death dates are taken from photographs of their tombstones, available on the Web at & Elizabeth Alldredge.

154 and 155 have other descendants, including:

Valentine Allen m. Nancy Anne Arnold
.Nancy Ann Allen m. Col. Nathaniel Scales
 .Mary Scales m. Joseph McCain
  .William Alexander McCain m. Louisa McAllister
   .John Sidney McCain m. Elizabeth-Ann Young
    .JOHN SIDNEY McCCAIN (1884-1945), admiral, m. Katherine Daisy Vaulx
     .JOHN SIDNEY McCCAIN (1911-1981), admiral, m. Roberta Wright
      .JOHN SIDNEY McCCAIN (b. 1936), US Senator

316 has other descendants, including:

Tscharner DeGraffenried m. Eliza Allen
.Allen DeGraffenried m. Sarah Thomas
 .Cicely DeGraffenried m. John McCaw
  .Lucy McCaw m. Frank W Woolley
   .Robert Wickliffe Woolley m. Margaret Holmes Tienholm
    .Frances Howard Woolley m. James Spittal Robb
     .CHARLES SPITTAL ROBB (b. 1939), Governor of Virginia, US Senator

1274 and 1275 have other descendants, including:

Philip Pendleton m. Isabella Hurt
.Catherine Pendleton m. John Taylor
|.Catherine Taylor m. Moses Penn
| .JOHN PENN (1740-1788), Signer
.Henry Pendleton m. Mary Taylor
 .EDMUND PENDLETON (1721-1803), statesman
 .Nathaniel Pendleton m. Elizabeth Clayton
  .Nathaniel Pendleton m. Susan Bard
  |.Nathaniel Greene Pendleton m. Jane Frances Hunt
  | .GEORGE HUNT PENDLETON (1825-1889), US Senator
  .William Pendleton m. Elizabeth Fargeson
   .Benjamin Pendleton m. Elizabeth Strother
    .Catherine Thornton Pendleton m. John Bailey Nicklin
     .John Bailey Nicklin m. Elizabeth Kaylor
      .JOHN BAILEY CALVERT NICKLIN (1891-1949), genealogist
      .Samuel Strang Nicklin, "SAMMY STRANG" (1876-1932), baseball player


The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) publishes a Patriot Index, a list of persons whose honorable service in the cause of independence during the American Revolution renders their female descendants eligible for membership in the NSDAR. Several ancestors of Laura Bush appear in the Patriot Index, including:

    Valentine Allen (number 154)
    Gideon Johnson (number 78)
    John Wiseman (number 222)

Mrs. Bush's descent from John Wiseman is documented in the lineage papers prepared as part of her application to join the NSDAR. She was accepted for membership, and was assigned National Number 804000.


TX death records and TX birth records are in reference to the online indices provided at the following sites:

from SSDI:
Mark Welch: b. 12 Jan 1911, d. 16 Aug 1998 in Dallas, TX, SSN 449-01-9961 [TX]

from TX death records: Mark Lane Welch d. 16 Aug 1998 in Dallas Co., TX [first indication that the Welch family in the 1920 census above was the right one, from occurrence of "Lane" middle name in Harold's older brother]

from Who's Who in the South and Southwest, (16th ed.), 1978-1979, p. 777: "WELCH, MARK LANE, surgeon, b. Ada, Okla., Jan. 12, 1911; s. Mark Anthony and Mary Lula (Lane) W."

from IGI: William F. SHERRARD m. Martha J. ALLEN 13 Dec 1849 in Madison Co., Mississippi
Source Information: 891,472

  Porters' Chapel Cemetery, west of Randolph, Fannin Co., TX
  Aldridge, James T.                      1 Sept.1818-8 May 1884  
  Aldridge, John                          1805- 30 Nov.1874  
  Aldridge, John M.R. son of J. and P.    died 18 July 1863 aged 7 yrs,9mos  
  Aldridge, Mary wife of J.T.             29 July 1815-17 June 1888  
  Aldridge, Nancy wife of William         died Mar.1875  
                                 unmarked her husb. is buried in Burns ceme.  
  Aldridge, Permelia A. wife of John      18 May 1813-2 Feb. 1887  
  Aldridge, Sarah M. dau. of J. and P.    27 Jan.1851 aged 2yrs,9mos  
  Aldridge, Infant son of Uriah and Mary  2 June 1877-1 July 1877 
  Welch, Claude son of Dr.Wm.F. and Nancy died age 3, June 1877 unmarked grave  
  Welch, J.B.                             7 July 1866-22 Nov.1867   
  Welch, Nancy Aldridge  wife of Dr.Wm.F. 1842- 1883, dau. of James and Mary Aldridge, unmarked grave  
  Welch, Dr.William Franklin              b.c 1828 d. soon after Claude unmarked grave 

  Extracts from the City Directories of Little Rock, Arkansas

  1893/4   Charles W. Hawkins (Clark & Hawkins)               706 Gaines
           Jennie Hawkins (dressmaker)                        706 Gaines

  1895/6   Charles W. Hawkins (Hawkins & Raymond)             706 Gaines
           Mrs. Jennie Hawkins (dressmaker)                   706 Gaines

  1897/8   Charles W. Hawkins (C. W. Hawkins & Co., grocer)   1123 Battery 
           Mrs. Jennie Hawkins (dressmaker)                   12th & Battery

Web articles on parts of Laura Bush's ancestry (available in January 2001):


Aldridge -- Franklin Rudolph Aldridge, Aldridge Records, vol. 2 (1975).

Baker Graffenried -- Katherine Reynolds (comp.), Descendants of Baker and Sarah Vass de Graffenried - Virginia and North Carolina, vol. 1 (1962). Note that vol. 2 contains transcriptions of primary documents pertaining to the family members covered in vol. 1.

Boddie -- John Bennett Boddie, Historical Southern Families, vol. 3 (1959, repr. 1967).

Graffenried -- Thomas P. de Graffenried, History of the de Graffenried Family from 1191 A.D. to 1925 (privately printed (NYC), 1925)

William Addams Reitwiesner