Ancestry of Michelle Robinson Obama

compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Michelle Robinson Obama should not be considered either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather as a first draft.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Michelle Robinson Obama
1 Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, b. Chicago, Ill., 17 Jan. 1964
m. at Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, 3 Oct. 1992
Barack Hussein Obama II, US President from 2009, b. Kapiolani Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, 4 Aug. 1961, son of Barack Hussein Obama and of S[tanley] Ann Dunham. Further details of his ancestry can be found here.
2 Fraser Robinson III, b. Chicago, Ill., 1 Aug. 1935, d. ... 1991
m. ... 1960
3 Marian Shields b. ... July 1937, living June 2008 in Chicago, Ill.
4 Fraser Robinson Jr., b. Georgetown, S. C., 24 Aug. 1912, d. Chicago, Ill., 9 Nov. 1996 [SSDI 354-09-8059]
m. Cook Co., Ill., 17 Oct. 1934
5 LaVaughan Johnson, b. Chicago, Ill., 6 Feb. 1915, d. Chicago, Ill., 17 Sept. 2002 [SSDI 349-16-1423]
6 ... Shields, b. ... , d. ...
7 ... , b. ... , d. ...
8 Fraser Robinson, b. ... , S. C., ... 1884, d. ... [living 1930]
9 Rosella Cohen, b. ... , S. C., ... [ca. 1893], d. ... [living 1930]
10 James Johnson, b. ... , Miss., ... [ca., 1880], d. ...
11 Phoebe ... , b. ... , Ill., ... [ca. 1880], d. ...
16 Jim Robinson, b. Friendfield, near Georgetown, S. C., ... [by 1850], d. ...
17 , b. ... , d. ...


1930 South Carolina, Georgetown Co., Georgetown Township 3 outside town, ED 5, sheet 17B, line 95, continued on sheet 18A

Robinson Fraser      H   M Neg 46 M 25    SC SC SC      ...
         Rosa        W   F Neg 37 M 18    SC SC SC
         Fraser Jr   S   M Neg 17 S       SC SC SC     Laborer     Saw Mill
         Stephen     S   M Neg 13 S       SC SC SC
         Ernestine   D   F Neg 15 S       SC SC SC
         James       S   M Neg  9 S       SC SC SC
         Myer        S   M Neg  7 S       SC SC SC
         Janie       D   F Neg  4 S       SC SC SC
         Thomas      S   M Neg  1 S       SC SC SC

Rosa couldn't read or write


1930 South Carolina, Georgetown Co., Georgetown Part 3 outside, ED 68, sheet 21A, line 46, continued on sheet 21B

Robinson Fraser      H    M B 30      M     SC SC SC      Laborer
         Rosa        W    F B 25      M     SC SC SC
         Fraser Jr   S    M B  6      S     SC SC SC
         Ernestine   D    F B  4      S     SC SC SC
         Stephen     S    M B  2      S     SC SC SC
         Caroline    D    F B    1/12 S     SC SC SC

Fraser [Sr.] couldn't read


1930 Illinois, Cook Co., Chicago, ED 188, sheet 13A, line 3

Johnson James      H    F Neg 51       M 22    IL VA VA
        Ester      D    F Neg 17       S       IL MS IL      Maid            Private Family
        Cleo       D    F Neg 16       S       IL MS IL      Maid            Private Family
        Preston    S    M Neg 26       M       MO MS IL      Shoe Repairer   Shoe Shop
        Ruth       D    F Neg 13       S       IL MS IL
        Arthur     S    M Neg 12       S       IL MS IL
        Jannie     S    M Neg  8  8/12 S       IL MS IL
        Mary       D    F Neg  5 11/12 S       IL MS IL

Yes, the head of the household is a female named James
The birth locations do not correlate, but that's what's in the schedule


1920 Illinois, Cook Co., ED 336, sheet 6B, line 60

Johnson Janie       H    M B 40 M      MS MS MS       Laborer
        Phoebe      W    F B 40 M      IL VA VA
        Preston     S    M B 16 S      MO MS IL
        Howard      S    M B 15 S      MO MS IL
        Calis       S    M B 13 S      MO MS IL
        Aster       S    M B  9 S      IL MS IL
        Cora        D    F B  8 S      IL MS IL
        Clio        D    F B  7 S      IL MS IL
        Lavaughn    D    F B  6 S      IL MS IL
        Rame        D    F B  4 S      IL MS IL
        Arthur      S    M B  2 S      IL MS IL


1900 South Carolina, Georgetown Co., Georgetown, ED 48, sheet 10A, line 48, continued on sheet 10B

Nesmith Frank G    H         W M  ?  1866 33 M 2         SC SC SC     Conductor (train)
        Lilla      W         W F Jan 1880 20 M 2 1 1     SC SC SC     House-wife
        Selena     D         W F Nov 1892  7 S           SC SC SC     At School
        Francis    D         W F Jul 1900 11 S           SC SC SC
Robeson Fraser     Servant   B M  ?  1884 16 S           SC SC SC     House Boy

Selena, Francis, and Fraser couldn't read or write
The age of Francis doesn't make sense, but that's what's in the schedule



8 & 9 have other descendants, such as:

Fraser Robinson m. Rosella Cohen
.Verdelle Robinson m. Capers C Funnye
 .CAPERS C FUNNYE Jr (b. 1952), Rabbi of the Beth Shalom B'nai Zakem Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation



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