Ancestry of Igor and Grichka Bogdanov

compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Igor and Grichka Bogdanov should not be considered either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather as a first draft.

Christopher A. Brooks contributed to this report.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Igor and Grichka Bogdanov
1 a Igor Yurevich Bogdanov, b. Saint-Lary dans le Gers 29 Aug. 1949
1 b Grichka Yurevich Bogdanov, b. Saint-Lary dans le Gers 29 Aug. 1949
2 Yuri Mikhailovich Bogdanov, b. Leningrad [now St. Petersburg], 28 Jan. 1928
3 Maria Dolores ("Maya") Kolowrat, b. Basle 28 Feb. 1926
4 Mikhail Borisovich Bogdanov, b. ... , d. ...
5 Anna Osten-Sacken, b. ... , d. ...
6 Roland Wiltse Hayes, b. Curryville, Ga., 3 June 1887, d. Boston, Mass., 1 Jan. 1977
non-marital liaison
7 Bertha Henriette Katharina Nadine Gfin v Kolowrat-Krakowský, b. Teinitzl [now Tynec nad Klatov, Czech Republic], 21 June 1890, d. Auch 29 Jan. 1982
m. Wien 10 Aug. 1909, div. Prag [now Praha, Czech Republic], 8 Jan. 1926
Hieronymus Gf v Colloredo-Mannsfeld, b. Dobris 3 Nov. 1870, d. Prag [now Praha, Czech Republic], 29 Aug. 1942
8 Boris Alexandrovich Bogdanov, b. ... , d. [shot] ... 1917
9 ... , b. ... , d. ...
12 William Hayes, b. ... , Ga., ... , d. ... [ca. 1898]
13 Fanny ... , b. ... , Ga., ... [ca. 1848], d. ... [living 1920]
14 Leopold Philipp, Gf v Kolowrat-Krakowský, b. Venezia 14 March 1852, d. Wien 19 March 1910
m. St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, N. Y., 18 March 1884 [New York Times 1884 March 19, p. 8]
15 Nadine Freiin v Huppmann-Valbella, b. Paris 6 Aug. 1858, d. München 30 July 1942
28 - 29 See, for example,
30 Joseph Frhr v Huppmann-Valbella, b. ... , d. ...
31 Katharina Seeman, b. ... , d. ...


1930 Massachusetts, Norfolk Co., Brookline, ED 31, sheet 17B, line 86
58 Allerton Street

Hayes Roland     Head         M Neg 41 S     GA GA GA     Singer     Concert
Jordan Howard    Companion    M Neg 26 S     KY OH KY     Secretary  Private


1920 Massachusetts, Suffolk Co., Boston, ED 341, sheet 5A, line 24
3 Warwick Street

Hayes Roland W    Head       M B 32 S     GA GA GA     Singer  Opera
      Fannie      Mother     F B 72 Wd    GA GA GA


1910 Tennessee, Hamilton Co., Chattanooga, ED 64, sheet 5A, line 43

Hayse Fannie    H    F Mu 57 Wd    7 4    GA GA GA
      Robert    S    M Mu 25 S            GA GA GA       Moulder     Foundry
      Roland    S    M Mu 23 S            GA GA GA


1900 Georgia, Gordon Co., Oostanoula, ED 56, sheet 3B, line 56

Hays Fannie    H    B F Aug 1850 49 Wd    7 4    GA GA GA     Farmer
     John      S    B M Jan 1880 20 S            GA GA GA     Farm laborer
     Brent     S    B M Mar 1883 17 S            GA GA GA     Farm laborer
     Rolund    S    B M Jun 1885 14 S            GA GA GA     Farm laborer
     Jessie    S    B M Aug 1888 11 S            GA GA GA     Farm laborer


1880 Georgia, Gordon Co., Oostanoula, ED 109, page 11, line 48, continued on page 12

Hayes William      M M 60             Working on farm        MS MS MS
      Fannie       M F 33        W    Keeping house          GA GA GA
      Willie       M M 10        S                           GA GA GA
      Mattie       M F  7        D                           GA GA GA
      Nathaniel    M F  4        S                           GA GA GA
      John         M M    4/12   S                           GA GA GA

The information in the birth columns imply that William was not the father 
of any of the children.



1a and 1b -- The Bogdanov twins were producers of a French science television show, Temps X, and authors of Dieu et la science [1991]. In 2002, some scientists suggested that the published scientific papers of the brothers were an elaborate hoax. Other scientists support the brothers. Discussions of the issues can be found at,,, and elsewhere.

2 -- The Bogdanov twins claim that their father was a member of a princely Russian family. Other than a statement by Dr. Stanislaus Dumin (included in a message posted by the twins on 7 Jan 2005 to the Usenet newsgroup), there isn't much evidence to support this claim.

6 -- He was a noted lyric tenor.

The Hayes farm, near Curryville in Gordon Co., Ga., and appears to be on one of the tracts of land given by a plantation owner named Culpepper to some blacks who worked for them. See for details.

7 -- Her children by her husband include Joseph (1910-1990), 7. Fürst von Colloredo-Mannsfeld.


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