Fun with disposable phones (continued)

The information below is a followup to what is contained at You should review that page to understand what's happening here.

By 15 May 2009, one or more of the entities trying to reach Lynn [lastname] apparently noticed that webpage of mine. Then they used their sterling research techniques to determine a phone number for me [shouldn't have taken them more than 30 seconds, but you never know with this crowd], and then they started calling me. Why they would do this is a mystery -- perhaps they believe that speaking with me could in some way ameliorate their negligence and incompetence. They also seem to be acting as if they believe that I could ever consider them to be anything other than clueless dumbfucks.

The calls to one or another of the numbers associated with me, other than to the number formerly held by Lynn [lastname], relating to this matter are listed below.

CID number Incoming message Notes
678-254-3300 No message left See below
678-254-3300 "Yeah, this call is for William A. Reitweisner. My name is Alonzo Hunter with Financial Asset Management. Need you to return the call to 888-668-6920, extension 3145. Trying to get some information on someone you're investigating. Please return the call. My name is Alonzo Hunter." Financial Asset Management Systems

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