By early August 2006, WorldWide Tracers had noticed my webpage here, They responded as follows:

Email sent 3 August 2006.

Some time later (after May 2009), WorldWide Tracers added this page to their website. Part of that page (about a third of the way down) refers to me.

The most interesting part of this, from my perspective, is where Kirk Rutherford refers to "our previous conversation" (with the implication that this was a telephone communication between him and me) and to "the emails he wrote to me". The reason this is interesting to me is that every, repeat every, communication between me and WorldWide Tracers/Adoption Search Bureau was on paper and delivered by uniformed government employees (by that I mean the US Postal Service). The only non-paper communication between us was Mr. Rutherford's email blast at me, available here.

Since Kirk Rutherford is, obviously, not a person who would tell fibs or stretchers, this means that those previous conversations and emails must actually have occurred. I wonder who Mr. Rutherford was conversing and emailing with, and why he thinks they had anything to do with me. Oh, well, I guess this will have to remain one of life's little mysteries.

William Addams Reitwiesner