The Ancestors and Relatives of William Shattuck

A plausible continuation of the ancestry of William Addams Reitwiesner

by William Addams Reitwiesner

The parentage and ancestry of William Shattuck, of Boston and later of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, my ancestor number 3610, is not known. It's likely that he was related to the large Shattuck family of Massachusetts, but the precise connection has not been determined. He is discussed by Lemuel Shattuck in his Memorials of the descendants of William Shattuck [1855], pp. 366-367.

George E. McCracken, in "The Salem Gardners: comments and clues" The American Genealogist, vol. 30, no. 3 [July 1954], pp. 155-168, at 168, speculates on the possible parentage of this William Shattuck. McCracken's speculation is that William was another son of the widow Damaris Shattuck, later Damaris Gardner, who died at Salem, Massachusetts, in November 1674. McCracken's speculation is followed below.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of William Shattuck
(A plausible continuation of the ancestry of William Addams Reitwiesner)
1 (3610) William Shattuck
+ ... [living Shrewsbury, N. J., 1675]
(3611) Hannah
(plausible 10/GREAT-GRANDPARENTS of William Addams Reitwiesner)
2 (7220) NN Shattuck
+ ... [before 1641 and probably never came to North America]
3 (7221) Damaris ...
as a widow joined the First Church in Salem, Mass., on 2 July 1641
later m. Thomas Gardner, whose Will was dated 7 Dec 1668 and pro 29 March 1675
+ Salem, Massachusetts, 28 Nov. 1674
(plausible 11/GREAT-GRANDPARENTS of William Addams Reitwiesner)
(plausible 12/GREAT-GRANDPARENTS of William Addams Reitwiesner)
(plausible 13/GREAT-GRANDPARENTS of William Addams Reitwiesner)


1 (3610) -- For my descent from William Shattuck, see here.

2 & 3 (7220 & 7221) -- The widow Damaris Shattuck had several known children, with the following descendants:

NN Shattuck m. Damaris NN
.Samuel Shattuck m. Grace NN
|.Mercy Shattuck m. Andrew Eliot
| .Andrew Eliot m. Mary Herrick
| |.Andrew Eliot m. Elizabeth Langdon
| | .Samuel Eliot m. Elizabeth Greenfield
| |  .William Greenleaf Eliot m. Margaret Greenleaf Dawes
| |   .William Greenleaf Eliot m. Abigail Adams Cranch
| |    .Henry Ware Eliot m. Charlotte Champe Stearns
| |     .THOMAS STEARNS ELIOT (1888-1965), poet
| .Grace Eliot m. William Bradford
| |.Samuel Bradford m. Mary Taylor
| ||.Timothy Bradford m. Edith Howe
| || .Edith Howe Bradford m. Abel French
| ||  .Philura Fillmore French m. John Shanklin
| ||   .Malvina French Shanklin m. JOHN MARSHALL HARLAN (1833-1911), US Supreme Court Justice
| ||    .John Maynard Harlan m. Elizabeth Palmer Flood
| ||     .JOHN MARSHALL HARLAN (1899-1971), US Supreme Court Justice
| |.William Bradford m. Mary Lambert
| | .William Bradford m. Hannah ----
| |  .Parle Bradford m. Philip Flanders
| |   .Elisha Flanders m. Hollis Day
| |    .Henry Clay Day m. Alice Edith Hilton
| |     .Henry Alfred Day m. Ada Mae Wilkey
| |      .SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR (b. 1930), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
| .Mercy Eliot m. Edward Trask
|  .Osman Trask m. Elizabeth Symonds
|   .Mercy Trask m. Israel Thorndike
|    .Elizabeth Thorndike m. Ebenezer Francis
|     .Sarah Ellen Francis m. Robert Means Mason
|      .Elizabeth Mason m. Robert Charles Winthrop
|       .Margaret Tyndal Winthrop m. James Grant Forbes
|        .Rosemary Isabel Forbes m. Richard John Kerry
|         .JOHN FORBES KERRY (b. 1943), US Senator
.Sarah Shattuck m. Richard Gardner
 .Deborah Gardner m. John Macy
 |.Jabez Macy m. Sarah Starbuck
 ||.Eumice Macy m. Richard Beard
 |||.William Beard m. Lavinia Gifford
 ||| .William Beard m. Molly Brown
 |||  .Nathan Beard m. Caroline Martin
 |||   .William Henry Beard m. Mary Payne
 |||    .CHARLES AUSTIN BEARD (1874-1948), historian
 ||.Jabez Macy m. Rachel Cartwright
 || .Lydia Macy m. Uriah Starbuck
 ||  .Elizabeth Starbuck m. Asa Folger (below)
 ||   .Matilda Folger m. Elwood Haworth
 ||    .Allyn Haworth m. Margaret O'Hare
 ||     .Volga Hayworth m. Eduardo Cansino
 ||      .Margarita Carmen Cansino [RITA HAYWORTH] (1918-1987) m. ALY KHAN (1911-1960)
 |.Richard Macy m. Deborah Pinkham
 ||.Abraham Macy m. Anna Worth (below)
 |||.Abraham Macy m. Priscilla Bunker (below)
 ||| .Eunice Macy m. Thaddeus Coleman (below)
 |||  .Judith Coleman m. Elijah Pound
 |||   .Thaddeus Coleman Pound m. Sarah Angeline Loomis
 |||    .Homer Loomis Pound m. Isabel Weston
 |||     .EZRA LOOMIS POUND (1885-1972), poet
 ||.Caleb Macy m. Judith Folger (below)
 || .Silvanus Macy m. Anna Pinkham (below)
 ||  .John Macy m. Eliza Myrick (below)
 ||   .ROWLAND HUSSEY MACY (1822-1919), founder of Macy's Department Store
 |.Thomas Macy m. Deborah Coffin
 | .Deborah Macy m. Benjamin Coffin
 | |.Thomas Coffin m. Anna Folger (below)
 | | .LUCRETIA COFFIN MOTT (1793-1880), reformer
 | .Elizabeth Macy m. Francis Barnard (below)
 |  .Reuben Barnard m. Phebe Coleman
 |   .Eunice Barnard m. Elijah Cornell
 |    .EZRA CORNELL (1807-1874), industrialist, founder of Cornell College
 .James Gardner m. Mary Starbuck
 |.Barnabas Gardner m. Mary Wheeler
 ||.Hepsibeth Gardner m. Thomas Clark
 || .Abial Clark m. Andrew Myrick
 ||  .Eliza Myrick m. John Macy (above)
 |.Elizabeth Gardner m. Stephen Gorham
 | .Lois Gorham m. Jonathan Macy
 | |.Elizabeth Macy m. Elihu Coleman
 | | .Thaddeus Coleman m. Eunice Macy (above)
 | .Nathaniel Gorham m. Mary Soley
 |  .Elizabeth Gorham m. John Leighton
 |  |.Elizabeth Leighton m. Benjamin Lee
 |  | .Emily Lee m. Daniel Tyler
 |  |  .Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler m. Charles Carow
 |  |   .Edith Kermit Carow m. THEODORE ROOSEVELT (1858-1919)
 |  .NATHANIEL GORHAM (1738-1796), Signer
 .Joseph Gardner m. Bethiah Macy
 |.Mary Gardner m. Matthew Jenkins
 | .Peter Matthew Jenkins m. Abigail Gardner
 |  .Eunice Jenkins m. Daniel Pinkham
 |   .Anna Pinkham m. Silvanus Macy (above)
 .Miriam Gardner m. John Worth
 ||.Jonathan Worth m. Mary Hussey
 || .Miriam Worth m. Jonathan Clark
 ||  .Jerusha Clark m. George Fish
 ||   .Bolton Fish m. Annie Bragg
 ||    .Randall Fish m. Ellen Howell
 ||     .ALBERT HOWARD FISH (1870-1936)
 |.Joseph Worth m. Lydia Gorham
 | .Anna Worth m. Abraham Macy (above)
 | .Joseph Worth m. Judith Starbuck (below)
 |  .Eunice Worth m. William Wilson
 |  |.Laura T. Wilson m. William C. Tate
 |  | .Catherine E. Tate m. Wiloiam E. Powe
 |  |  .Laura Theresa Powe m. Samuel James Ervin
 |  |   .SAMUEL JAMES ERVIN (1896-1985), US Senator
 |  .Matilda Worth m. Latham Folger (below)
 |   .Asa Folger m. Elizabeth Starbuck (above)
 .Nathaniel Gardner m. Abigail Coffin
 |.Hannah Gardner m. Jabez Bunker
 ||.Samuel Bunker m. Priscilla Coleman
 || .Priscilla Bunker m. Abraham Macy (above)
 |.Judith Gardner m. Benjamin Barnard
 ||.Francis Barnard m. Elizabeth Macy (above)
 |.Margaret Gardner m. Jonathan Folger
 | .Reuben Folger m. Dinah Hussey
 |  .Latham Folger m. Matilda Worth (above)
 .Richard Gardner m. Mary Austin
 |.Joseph Gardner m. Ruth Coffin
 ||.Charles Gardner m. Anna Pinkham
 || .Isaiah Gardner m. Ruth Pinkham
 ||  .Walter Pinkham Gardner m. Elmira Cross
 ||   .Walter Pinkham Gardner m. Olive Drake
 ||    .Charles Walter Gerdner m. Grace Adelma Waugh
 ||     .ERLE STANLEY GARDNER (1889-1970), author
 |.Miriam Gardner m. Samuel Coffin
 ||.William Coffin m. Priscilla Paddock
 || .Barnabas Coffin m. Phebe Marshall
 ||  .Hulda Coffin m. Jesse Stanley
 ||   .Elijah Stanley m. Mary Meredith
 ||    .Eunice Stanley m. Axiom Overman
 ||     .Mary Ada Overman m. William Newton Chamberlain
 ||      .William Overton Chamberlain m. Cora Alice Whitworth
 ||       .Charles Axiom Chamberlain m. Elsa Mathews
 ||        .(George) RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN (b. 1934), actor
 |.Solomon Gardner m. Anna Coffin
 | .Sarah Gardner m. David Joy
 |  .Reuben Joy m. Anna Way
 |   .Reuben Joy m. Mary Swain
 |    .Ann Joy m. Obed Samuel Ray
 |     .Anna Coffin Ray m. Oliver Ames (below)
 |      .Oakes Ames m. Blanche Ames
 |       .Pauline Ames m. Francis Taylor Plimpton
 |        .GEORGE AMES PLIMPTON (1927-2003)
 .Sarah Gardner m. Eleazer Folger
  .Nathan Folger m. Sarah Church
  |.Abishai Folger m. Sarah Mayhew
  | .George Folger m. Sarah Coleman
  | |.George Folger m. Rebecca Slocum
  | | .Samuel Brown Folger m. Nancy Hillar
  | |  .Henry Clay Folger m. Eliza Jane Clark
  | |  |.HENRY CLAY FOLGER (1857-1930), Pres. Standard Oil, founder of Folger Shakespeare Library
  | |  .JAMES ATHEARN FOLGER (1835-1889), coffee merchant, m. Ellen Loughran
  | .William Folger m. Ruth Coffin
  |  .Anna Folger m. Thomas Coffin (above)
  .Peter Folger m. Judith Coffin
   .Anna Folger m. William Starbuck
   |.Judith Starbuck m. Joseph Worth (above)
   .Daniel Folger m. Abigail Fowler
    .Judith Folger m. Caleb Macy (above)

William Addams Reitwiesner